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[ADOPT A CHARM/DISCOUNT] Misprint Haikyuu!! RPG Charms

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[ADOPT A CHARM/DISCOUNT] Misprint Haikyuu!! RPG Charms


This listing is for MISPRINT HQ RPG Fantasy Charms. By proceeding to checkout, you acknowledge that you are purchasing imperfect charms.
If you would like A-Grade charms, please view the original listing here:

(In the reference image, the charm on the right is the misprint)

Misprint Charms are almost A-Grade, however are slightly misprinted as the back layer of the foreground is white (missing a color layer)--therefore, the resulting print is slightly less vibrant than A-Grade charms.
They have no physical defects (e.g. no scratches, etc.)

If you do not mind this, these charms are available at a discounted price!